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Morning Rituals That Will Transform Your Life!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Fun fact: your daily mindset is determined by how you begin your day. So follow along for tips on how to improve your morning routine for more positive days.

I was once the type of person that absolutely dreaded the morning time and I honestly can't give you a valid reason why, but I'm going to guess it was because growing up I spent my week nights watching That's So Raven way past midnight and had to wake up around 6:00am every morning for school. Thankfully, I now value a full eight hours of sleep which in result has made the morning time my favorite time of the day because I have found ways to truly appreciate it and I'm here to share my daily rituals with you!

I'm so excited to provide you with my secrets to starting my day off successfully. These methods have enabled me to eliminate anxiety and negative thoughts while ultimately allowing me to increase my overall productivity.

Tip #1 - Early bird gets the worm!

I cannot stress enough how much waking up before sunrise can change your life. There is something so peaceful about watching the sun rise because it subconsciously gives you feeling that you're waking up alongside the day opposed to waking up to the new day. Think about it. Depending on what time you typically start your work day, this most likely will give you an ample amount of time to not only get ready in the morning but it enables you to do the little things that you enjoy (reading, writing, listening to music, exercising, etc.) which automatically boosts your mood and sets you up for a productive day. It's great for your overall mental health and I highly recommend it.

Tip #2 - Express your gratitude.

I've made a habit of stating at least three things that I'm grateful for prior to getting out of bed because starting your day off with gratitude inevitably causes you to view life in a more positive and beautiful light. It's so easy to forget how rich we truly are; when you have access to fresh water, food and shelter without worries, but reminding yourself to remain grateful is so important plus it boosts your mood and improves your health!

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." – John F. Kennedy

Tip #3 - Jam out!

Music has always been something that I've loved and appreciated because it holds so much power. There's literally a song for every mood and experience and there's nothing like starting your day off with positive and uplifting tunes. It's scientifically proven that listening to music reduces stress and improves your mood and mental alertness, so why not start your day off jamming out?

Here are some songs that are currently at the top of morning playlist:

  1. 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) by Lizzo

  2. September by Earth, Wind & Fire

  3. Unstoppable by Sia

  4. CUFF IT by Beyoncé

  5. Circus by Britney Spears

  6. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey (Don't judge me. I'm feessstttiivvee!)

Tip #4 - Stretch. Stretch. Stretch.

I neglected stretching for so long until I took my best friend's flexibility class and realized that I was as stiff as a hardwood door, so I began stretching every morning and let me tell you it's life changing! Life. Changing. Feeling those toxins being released from your muscles and improving your overall mobility is simply unmatched and I encourage everyone to do so. I also pair my stretching with light core and glute exercises that I also repeat at night. Try it out.

Tip #5 - Drink your favorite hot beverage.

I love drinking a nice warm beverage in the morning because there's a relaxation that occurs when you drink something hot; warm drinks tend to improve your circulation and expand your blood vessels. I personally love drinking hot oolong tea with lemon, but feel free to enjoy hot water or coffee (a great coffee replacement for those looking for a more organic and healthy option is mushroom coffee... trust me on this one.)! I typically enjoy my beverage on my balcony as I watch the outside activity and truly live in the present moment therefore I recommend going to a peaceful spot in your home away from your phone and just being one with your thoughts as you prepare for your day.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Thank you for taking the time out to read this brief little guide to improving your morning routine, I hope you found at least one tip valuable that you can incorporate in your every day life. See you soon and have a blessed morning!

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