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Real for Real: Lemon-Aid Daily Review

This brand claims to be "real health for real people" so let's see if it's the real deal or if it's another placebo product that takes advantage of the holistic lifestyle community.

Photo Credit: Real For Real by Shannon Storms Beador

I have tried many different holistic products that claim to have several benefits such as boosting your mood, strengthening your immune system, clearing up your skin, etc.; however I've had to become more careful when it came to choosing products because I, like many people that live a holistic lifestyle, realized that these products either aren't natural at all or are simply ineffective. Therefore, I've decided to make myself your personal guinea pig for holistic products to ensure that my readers are using the best and most authentic products. Three months ago, I tried out two products from Real for Real by Shannon Storms Beador and today I'll be reviewing their Lemon-Aid Daily.

First Impression.

When looking at this product, you immediately notice the high-quality packaging which I personally appreciate because it shows that the brand takes pride in their product and subconsciously that makes consumers excited to try it out. Every time I try something new, I always check the ingredients because you never know what chemicals a company may sneak in there but I was very pleased to see that this tincture includes all natural ingredients including lemon juice, cayenne pepper, turmeric, zinc and vitamins (B6, B12, C, D). Even the few preservatives (polylysin, nisin, natamycin and citric acid anhydrous) that are used to maintain freshness are naturally occurring, therefore I felt more than comfortable to try out this tincture.

Testing it out!

The packaging states that the intention of this product is to support immune and metabolic health, increase energy and promote heart and respiratory health. I initially tried it out by dropping it into my water in the morning and I immediately began to feel energized which was pleasantly surprising. After using the tincture every morning for a month, I noticeably began to feel lighter and more energized throughout my days without any side effects and as someone with an extremely sensitive stomach that's saying a lot! I definitely see myself incorporating it in my daily routine for many years to come.

Final Thoughts.

It's always so refreshing to test products with all natural ingredients that actually work and I'm so grateful to have been introduced to this tincture especially because the quality is impeccable while also being budget-friendly (a little goes a long way). In addition to water, I also use it in my herbal tea in the morning for that extra boost of energy and slight taste of lemon that I love so much. Overall, I would rate Real For Real's Lemon-Aid Daily a 5 stars because not only look and taste great, but it also does exactly what it says it will. I highly encourage you test out this product (linked below) to see how it benefits your body and I wish you the best of luck on your journey to a healthier and more natural way of life.

Real for Real Lemon-Aid Daily

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