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My Fall Fashion Picks For 2022

Today I'm sharing my top ten fall fashion pieces with you based on today's trends from clothing to accessories.

I'm a certified shopaholic, therefore I keep up with all of the latest trends and fall just so happens to be my favorite time of the year for the fashion world. I know we're about halfway through the season, but that definitely won't stop me from sharing with you all of my favorite items that are trending this autumn.

You can find everything mentioned below in my TivVit collection that you can find here.

Tweed Skirt Sets

Everyone that knows me knows that I'm a sucker for tweed and tweed skirt sets are a staple piece in my wardrobe, so I was so excited to see that they're back in style this season. Tweed truly embodies classic elegance and represents tradition, which is why I love seeing women wear it especially as a skirt set because it makes for a very chic and "girly" look.

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Wide-Leg Pants

Hear me out! Wide-leg pants are very trendy right now, but so many people are against them because they believe the pants make you look bigger. However, when styled with a fitted top these pants have the ability to actually make your waist look smaller. I personally believe that wide-led pants are a statement piece which is why I've been trying to make them a thing for years now, but I don't quite have that Kim K influence yet so I'm just happy that the rest of the world finally realized the value of them.

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Slip Dress

The best part about having a slip dress in your wardrobe is that it's not only a beautiful piece, but you can also easily slip it on! The slip dress has become essential because you're able to wear it all year long, I personally love it as a summer dress but it fits right into that fall collection perfectly.

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Knee-high Boots

Nothing says fall like a good ole knee-high boot. It's the perfect shoe to wear for a glamorous night out or a casual coffee date because not only does it keep you warm during a breezy fall day, but it also adds a special flair to your outfit whether it's paired with a sweater dress or fitted pants.

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Pearl Jewelry

Pearls symbolize purity, integrity and loyalty; I've always seen pearls as the classiest type of jewelry and it's such a relief seeing more ladies my age appreciating them as well. I love the classic pearl necklace and earrings, but I've really enjoyed seeing people utilize them in other accessories like headbands and belts. This is perfect to pair with your warm colored fall clothing because it adds the perfect balance of style and elegance.

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Ribbed-Knit Sweater Dress

We all love a good sweater dress in the fall, which is why it seems to make its way out every year and I'm not mad about it! This cozy dress provides warmth and style, but I believe my favorite part about this piece is that it's universally flattering for every body shape and height.

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Ribbed Bodysuit

If you haven't noticed, I loved ribbed clothing and this is the perfect time to pull them out. I especially enjoy the ribbed bodysuit because the fitted sweater look tucked inside of high-waisted fitted pants is my personal kryptonite. This bodysuit provides a chic look and you can wear it in a variety of settings from the office to a nice dinner.

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Ballet Flats

Ballet flats make for a great comfortable shoe and despite the name, they aren't solely meant for dancing. I adore ballet flats with pointed toes and a unique fabric or print, they make for a great fashionable piece that are friendly to your feet!

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Flapper Dress

You can sign me up for anything with flair, fringe and sparkles so once I was introduced to this new flapper dress trend after I noticed a ton of designers incorporating it into their fall collections, I was sold! I would've never predicted this to be a major fall trend due to the warmth and subtleness associated with the season, but I'll embrace it until the end and will continue even after it's no longer in style. The flapper dress is a great opportunity to just have fun with your clothes, which is ultimately what your style should be about.

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Leather Motorcycle Jacket

I'm obsessed with all things leather this season, but the motorcycle jacket has completely captured my heart. I would always wear this style of jacket growing up and abandoned it because it was just overused and overdone, but now I'm fully prepared to overuse it once again. The motorcycle leather jacket is a fierce and powerful piece especially when it's fitted to the body and I enjoy seeing the look on both men and women.

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Happy Shopping!

I hope you've enjoyed learning about my favorite pieces of the season and I pray that you found items that may have caught your eye. Again, here's a link to my TivVit account where you can purchase several of the pieces found in this post for a discounted rate as long as you use the link provided in the collection. Thank you!


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