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meet coco.

Hi! My name is Chloé, but you can call me Coco. I’m a holistic image consultant and interior decorator based in the great city of Houston, Texas (Go ‘Stros!). I created my business, A Splash of Coco, to provide my community with services and advice that will help improve their quality of life by upgrading how they present themselves to the world, their overall health and wellbeing in addition to making their home a safe space that embodies their own unique version of comfort. For every service you book, you will have the option to choose between two personal projects of mine for 10% of my earnings to go towards (see details below). This a lifestyle brand designed to make a difference and I personally thank you for taking the time out to explore my blog and I hope to work with you in the near future.


What is a holistic image consultant? An image consultant is a trained professional that aims to improve their client’s overall appearance (clothing, makeup, hair, exercise and diet guidance, etc.), behavior and communication. As someone that specializes in holistic wellness, I incorporate and prioritize your overall health in my practice which means we will focus on your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health all while improving how you present yourself to the world. Many stylists and image consultants solely focus on outer appearance and wardrobe improvements, however I personally want my clients to leave with an experience that will positively impact them for the rest of their lives and that is only possible when we work from the inside out.

What made you want to become an interior decorator? I’m someone that not only knows what looks good, but I know what feels good. Something I came to realize about myself is that I have the unique ability to empathize with people and truly take the time to understand what home means to them and I can convey that through interior decoration. It is my goal to ensure that my work turns your house into a home and is energetically aligned with your spirit because we all just want a space that we can come to and feel safety and comfort.

What are the projects that 10% of your earnings are going towards? Giving back to my community is so important to me because I truly believe that we are all connected and helping one another is an essential part of life that truly fulfills me. The first project I’m working on is a summer program to provide free etiquette lessons to children in small towns that can benefit from it most because I find value in instilling manners and respect into our youth especially in an era where becoming viral on the internet is the main thing on their minds. The second project is one that I’ve been working on for quite some time now and that’s establishing a fresh food drive with produce from local farmers to ensure that lower-income families that reside in food deserts here in Houston are able to provide their children with proper nutrients. Thank you for being a part of my mission to help create a better life for those in need while also doing work I’m most passionate about.